Carrier Partners

You have hauled for the rest – now haul for the best!

Access America Transport is on the cutting edge in the transportation industry and we are glad you have decided to join our team. We take pride in working with dependable and honest carriers which help us move freight for a variety of global customers. Access America Transport brokers a wide variety of commodities including steel rods, brick, nonperishable food items, and much more.

We also understand the financial pressures carriers face. We have the following programs in place to help you manage your cash flow:

  • We provide Quick Pay
  • We offer email confirmation of receipt of your paperwork.
  • We make finding your next load easy by giving you access to our load board.

Access America Transport is an ISO 9001 certified company and we take great pride in that honor. We maintain this designation by taking rigorous precautions to hire the safest carriers we can.

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Our Diverse Culture

Everyone at Access America Transport Inc. is united by the commonality of the Company’s values and goals. We see diversity as the uniqueness each of us brings to fulfilling these values and achieving these goals. Our diversity covers a broad range of personal attributes and characteristics such as race, sex, age, cultural heritage, personal background and sexual orientation.

By building on our common values and goals, we are able to create an advantage from our differences. At Access America, we believe it is important to develop and support a diverse workplace. In a global, multi-ethnic market, minority hiring practices create a diverse economic base, which improves minority spending power and benefits our local communities. That’s good for society and for business.

In our business, diversity and inclusion provide a competitive advantage that drives business results. Our customer’s brands appeal to an extraordinarily diverse array of consumers and they are sold by an equally diverse group of retailers. To truly understand the needs of our consumers and customers - and to succeed in the marketplace – Access America Transport must reflect that diversity in our supplier base and in everything we do.

An integral part of our mission is a commitment to purchase from a supplier base representative of our employees, consumers, retail customers and communities. Developing partnerships with minority-owned and women-owned suppliers helps us build the world-class supplier base we need. It creates mutually beneficial relationships that expand Access America Transport’s sphere of activity. It helps build community infrastructure by providing employment, training, role models, buying from other minority and women-owned business and supporting community organizations.

Therefore, we seek opportunities to give qualified minority and women owned suppliers a chance to succeed.

Download the Minority Supplier Worksheet (PDF)