Moving Oversized Loads – Potential Problems to Be Aware Of

Moving oversized loads out of job sites can be very challenging. Some of the factors that can cause problems are:

* Site readiness – often times, a site can be muddy, or have a narrow or unsuitable entrance. A lot of times the specialized equipment used to move job site machinery has a low ground clearance and the load to be hauled is wide, high or long. Thus, the entrance must be level and dry, and big enough to move wide or long equipment in and out. It is not uncommon for a site to require improvements such as grading or added gravel.

* Inaccurate dimensions – Many times the owner of the freight has not even seen the commodity, or has only a rudimentary awareness of the dimensions of the material to be shipped. It is always a good idea to send a company representative to a site to verify reported measurements.

* Communication – Jobs site are often situated in rural areas with poor or no cell reception. Thus, it can be really hard to communicate with the driver or shipper during the course of loading the equipment.

You can usually count on something going wrong when shipping used equipment out of a job site, no matter how prepared you think you are. The best way to remedy this is to do a lot of research and lay appropriate ground work with your customer. Send someone you trust out to the site, or go there yourself. Make sure you get your own measurements, and get a good look at the site to see if it can accommodate the kind of equipment need to do the job. Also, make sure you have good contact information with back-up numbers in case the reception is bad at the site. Finally, let your customer know in the beginning that unexpected occurrences are a definite possibility and could result additional charges.