Corporate Compliance

Dear Fellow Employees and Customers,

Access America Transport aims to create value for its employees and society as a whole. We can only sustain an increase in corporate value if we act within the law and in accordance with ethical principles. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that his or her conduct is legally and ethically compliant.

This applies to employees at all levels, in all parts of the Company and in all areas of the business. All of our actions must be consistent with our good name and reputation.

After all, business partners, investors and the public expect us to be competent, fair and reliable.

Due to the growing importance of good and responsible corporate governance and the increase in legal risks, let us work together to uphold the Access America Transport reputation.

“Our integrity forms the basis for our sustained success”.

Kindest Regards,

Access America Transport

Corporate Compliance Policy

Conducting the business according to applicable law and company rules

I. Corporate Compliance Policy forms the basis

Access America Transport, aims to succeed in the competitive arena by being innovative, quality-driven, reliable and fair. This means observing both company-specific and statutory regulations. The Corporate Compliance Policy forms the basis for this. It draws attention to a number of principles that are of particular significance in practice.

II.  Principles

Access America Transport respects applicable law, including international law, and requires its employees and business partners to do likewise. This policy lists some of the main points that are of particular practical relevance.

1. Fair competition
Access America Transport is absolutely committed to the principle of fair competition

2. Integrity in business dealings
Corruption will not be tolerated.

3. Principle of sustainability
Access America Transport is conscious of its responsibility to protect health and the environment and ensure people’s safety.

4. Proper record-keeping and transparent financial reporting
An internal control system must provide for the proper documentation of key business processes. Controls must be established to ensure that all transaction details relevant for accounting purposes are fully and correctly captured.

5. Fair and respectful working conditions
All employees are expected to behave in a friendly, objective, fair and respectful manner toward colleagues and third parties. Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

6. Protecting our intellectual property rights and respecting those of others
Confidential company information must not be disclosed to any third party or made public.

7. Keeping corporate and personal interests separate
All employees must always keep their personal interests separate from those of the company. Personnel decisions and business relationships with third parties must also be based solely on objective criteria.

8. Cooperation with the authorities
The Company endeavors to be cooperative in its dealings with all authorities and government agencies. All information communicated to the authorities must be correct and complete and be provided in an open, timely and understandable manner.

III. Implementation

1. The company provides employees with access to all the necessary information resources and counsel to prevent violations of the law or company regulations.

2. Every supervisor must organize his or her area of responsibility so as to ensure adherence to company rules and applicable law and thus to the Corporate Compliance Policy.

3. The Company has appointed a Compliance Officer, whose responsibilities include providing advice and training on compliance issues and investigating any alleged compliance violations.

4. All employees are required to immediately report any violations of the Corporate Compliance Policy.

5. Corporate Auditing will review the effectiveness of the Corporate Compliance Policy at regular intervals.

IV. The Compliance Officer is appointed by the executive committee.

The Compliance Officer has the following core responsibilities:

  • to provide advice
  • to assess risk
  • to conduct compliance training
  • to establish communication channels for reporting suspected compliance violations
  • to investigate alleged compliance violations and assist in deciding on possible sanctions against the employees involved (ethical, financial, and or moral implications)
  • to arrange audits pertaining to possible compliance violations
  • subject matters identified through risk assessment
  • to introduce any necessary organizational changes as determined in the course of compliance investigations
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Contractual Compliance

Why be concerned about Corporate compliance?

Access America Transport is a company with distinct strengths. While this reputation is the product of many people over years’ work, the careless, improper actions of just one employee can damage our image in the blink of an eye.

We must prevent this.

To do so requires that all employees be guided in their activities by reasoned principles, particularly those set forth in this Corporate Compliance Policy. Remember that the way each employee conducts the company’s business can affect the Access America Transport public image.

Corporate compliance refers to the lawful and proper conduct of the company’s business. Each employee is obligated to obey all applicable laws and corporate guidelines in his or her work for, Access America Transport.

Individual employees who violate the principles of this Corporate Compliance Policy also face serious consequences, such as fines or imprisonment, claims for damages, sanctions under labor law and possible termination of employment.

Employees who disobey the rules cannot claim to have been acting in Access America Transports interests, because any compliance violation ultimately harms the company.

In view of the possible consequences, any advantage somebody supposedly is to have gained in a specific situation can never, not even economically, be advantageous to the company as a whole.

Access America Transport is an Affirmative Action supporter and an Equal Opportunity Employer

Unlawful and unethical behavior can have far-reaching consequences for the company, including:

  • criminal penalties
  • administrative fines
  • civil and punitive damages
  • seizure of profits
  • exclusion from contracts
  • termination of business relationships
  • attempted extortion
  • harm to our image
  • negative perceptions of our industry