Specialized Shipping

Experts in Heavy Haul and Oversize Load Transportation

Hauling oversize and overweight loads is no small task. The safe and timely delivery of specialized freight requires precise planning and careful attention to every detail. The slightest oversight in equipment use or route selection could potentially compromise the move and result in damage or delayed delivery of cargo.

Access America Transport understands the risks associated with heavy haul shipping and possesses the skill and expertise required to get the job done right. We are contracted with over 32,000 common and contract carriers. AAT will select only the most qualified and experienced professionals to handle your cargo.

Our logistics managers are specially trained to find the most cost-effective methods of moving your specialized freight.

One Stop, All Access

Access America Transports has the capability to safely transport cargo to and from any location in the United States, Canada or Mexico. When you’re ready to move, our team will perform an in-depth analysis of your project in order to determine the optimal mode or multimodal solution. We will then develop a customized plan of action and assign project coordinators to manage every critical detail of your freight shipment.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Access America Transport’s specialized team of heavy haul experts are trained to handle every detail of an over-dimensional shipment or project. Our experienced team has handled shipments as heavy as 400,000 lbs. Our network and expertise in the heavy haul realm is unsurpassed in our industry.

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Heavy Haul Rail

Access America Transport can perform a cost and transit time comparison to determine the feasibility of using rail as an alternative to trucking your over-dimensional freight. We maintain relationships with every major railroad in North America. When it makes sense to ship by rail you’ll get the same accessibility that any truck can provide.

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Every customer works with a freight consultant or logistics coordinator who maintains communication with everyone involved in your heavy haul project. Your contact can provide answers to your questions at a moment’s notice so that you’re never caught off-guard by surprises or complications while your freight is in transit.

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